MotorSport and Tobacco Kill. Light up for Marco and Dan.

Dan Wheldon, God bless him. I wasn’t going to write about one little crash, which happened to claim the life of a great British pilot. Not 7 days later, Marco Simoncelli, God bless him. I wasn’t going to mention such a collision either. Often the riders walk away to a roar of applause and cheer from the crowd, but not this time.
Neither of these incidents differs from the hundreds of other deaths in motorsport. Often deaths are unnoticed, classed as ‘also-rans’ who probably made a mistake. Some deaths point the finger of blame, wrongly to a competitor involved. And sometimes it’s a mystery, no explanation; they just veer away from the pre-determined racing line and never return.
There are many incidents, horrific, sad, wasteful and from a critics view sometimes inevitable.
It is widely agreed that motorsport is dangerous, even at a go-karting level there is the risk something could possibly happen, which in that one to a thousand shot would result in the drivers untimely death.
To pre-empt the barrage of media coverage that will no doubt call for the banning of this sick suicidal sport in many ‘westernised’ countries, I hope to speak on behalf of the true motorsport enthuasiasts.
I hope to speak for the haters of DRS, the loathers of KERs, the fans that cry when they realise F1 is going green with 1.8l engines.
Death and Motorsport go hand in hand. It’s part of the attraction, in a highly modernised world or fast food and internet shopping, men and women alike will go in search of that thrill, primitively taking down a saber tooth tiger, modernly taming a 200 mph circuit, both with that risk of death and the payoff of survival and reward.
Motorsport kills. That’s why we never minded having tobacco sponsorship.
It’s a choice, the riders, the drivers know the risk and enjoy taking them. The fans understand this risk and take great joy from watching people survive.
Do fans care? Of course, why else is twitter and facebook full of heartfelt messages, why else are my eyes streaming as I watch the coverage? Of course we care, but come what may, no racing fan will ever say “enough is enough, stop” and for that reason, the race, just like the show, will go on.


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