Formula Hollywood

Well the title says it all; with a little collaboration on twitter, thetyrewall community compiled some historic race drivers to be played by Hollywood stars, in what would be a dream ‘History of F1’ movie.
Obviously it’s difficult to pin everyone down, or include all the key players, so I’ve condensed it down to the main players, the Champions and the colourful characters.


Marlon Brando as Juan Fangio
Steve McQueen as John Surtees
Tom Hanks as Phil Hill
Colin Firth as Graham Hill
Bill Nighy as Jackie Stewart
Sean Connery as Jimmy Clark
James Dean as James Hunt
Patrick Stewart as Niki Lauda
Dustin Hoffman as Keke Rosberg
Mel Gibson as Jack Brabham
Johnny Depp as Ayrton Senna
Al Pacino as Alain Prost
Robert Downey Jnr as Nigel Mansell
Jim Carrey as Nelson Piquet (Snr)
Tommy Lee Jones as Mika Hakkinen
Macauley Culkin as Kimi Raikkonnen

The Colourful Characters

Michael Caine as Stirling Moss
Liam Neeson as Gilles Villeneuve
Vin Deisel as Juan Montoya
Jack Nicholson as Gerhard Berger
Helena Bonham-Carter as Jarno Trulli

2011 Racers

Matt Damon as Michael Schumacher
Russell Crowe as Fernando Alonso
James Garner as Jenson Button
Jackie Chan as Kamui Kobyashi
Will Smith as Lewis Hamilton
Daniel Radcliffe as Seb Vettel