One Late Autumn Evening…

Two young 20 somethings where arguing not only about Michael Schumacher’s return to F1, but about how overated Sutil is, and how the Korean GP was all set up to fail. A nearby twenty something had heard all the argument and realised it would end in tears as the “what if”s and “but maybe”s would continue all night.

The suggestion was made to write a blog together. Of course that never worked, so we each went our own way. One turning professional, one diverting to football and one ending up here, trying to master the basics, impart wisdom, wit and generally show the other two he’s still got it.

Theres three rules to good writing. Have a unique angle, lots of opinion and keep the complicated, simple.

So, here and now, with a little help from it’s friends, and plenty of resources to hand The Tyre Wall enters the blogging wilderness as a home for ideas, scenarios and dreams.


Rob ‘Fiction’

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