The 2011 Rules & Regs

Theres a lot of #f1chat about the big changes to the rules and cars in the new 2011 season.

Moveable Wings, KERs, new tyres… But hang on, let’s think about this.

The Moveable wing isn’t like the flap you see on a Veyron, a big barn door that increases drag hugely into a braking zone. Oh no, this is more like having a letterbox fitted in the middle of your prime billboard, absolutely pointless.

KERs still has its problem from 2009. Unless the driver is 5ft and shares his girlfriends size 6 dresses on his weekend off, the damn thing weighs too much and doesn’t kick back enough of a boost.

And lastly, our last hope of ‘exciting racing’? Tyres; that would last longer if they were made out of puff pastry, “Oh there’ll be more stops, more variation” the PR bods shout.

But if I rewind a year I believe we banned refuelling because it was too predictable. Drivers didn’t overtake because it was ‘too risky’. Understandable, but how risky is overtaking a car driven by Adrian Sutil with zero grip in his tyres?

Nope I’m sorry, but none of these factors look like working to ‘improve the show’. The combined effect of all three however, could be a different story. That is however, if you want to improve the show. And on that note I’ll leave you with a quote from a much smarter man than I. One Peter D. Windsor.

Why do the power-brokers insist on trying to make F1 “more exciting”? It’s great as it is. Just give us better, inter-active TV.