F1 Rules For Fans

When you think about it, Gaadafi has his good points. Continuity after all is a good thing we’re lead to believe. But then how can a country; or any collection of people for that matter, cope after 30 years under the same tyrannical control of one man. So surely, like the Libyan freedom fighters before us it’s time for change. The Tyrant? One, Bernard Ecclestone.

Now, continuity is good, and I like Bernie, and I don’t think that there’s anyone out there who could replace him right now. And the last thing I want is for CVC to be run my some committee or elected president, in other words, democracy is not the way to go.

Image the chaos of everyone fighting their own corners over tiny issues. The sport would be in ruins. So keep Bernie but just implement a few changes to make the world of F1 racing and ‘the show’ better.

Step One.
Revert all the technical regulations back to 1986 specification, however give a minimum weight of 750kg and a maximum overhead expenses budget of 50 million. Throw in a few clauses to stop the team outsourcing everything and await the amazing 8 wheeler from HRT, and a treble-F-duct-blown-diffusers from McLaren.

Step Two.
Scrap safety cars and blue flags. Red flags would become more prominent but rolling restarts would prove a hit. Have every team on different fuel and tyre suppliers, with no minimum but a maximum limit of 3 pit stops per car per race.

Step Three.
Introduce a relegation zone, where the team classified last in F1’s constructor table and the constructions winners of F2 swap series. To stop yo-yoing or any difficulties in design a different specification car, F2 would remain a standard car across the series designated by the FIA, and the bottom three teams in F1 would have to pool all their design drawings/ideas/data together and hand over a copy also to the newly promoted outfit as well as the surviving rival.

And there you have it, three easy steps to make F1, Fan friendly, a Fantastic Spectacle and most importantly Fast.