Battle of the Papercuts

So I put the phone down and yelled. “How on earth can they charge that much? It’s rather silly!” Okay, there were probably a few more words in there but I can’t write them down in a blog. I’m trying to get more racing in my life, short of reading the internet all day, and spending a fortune at the local kart track. So aside from the insane prices of £30 a month I’ve just been quoted for Satellite TV there’s only one option left.

Of this option, the old trusty hand held store bought magazine, are a few leading competitors. F1Racing, Autosport and MotorSport.

Autosport for my money seems a bit out of place. It holds a good cross section of news across most motorsports and is good for referencing or broadening the mind. But if you have the internet and access to then the magazine falls flat, and the moment it rolls off the production line it’s out of date.

F1Racing is monthly with plenty of news, interviews, brief technical analysis and high quality photographs that many close followers of F1 already have a wide understanding and knowledge of. However for the more casual viewer who has no time to read blogs such as this, or much better ones, the magazine is a great break-time filler and supplement to their limited Sunday afternoon viewing.

MotorSport on the other hand, holds the main positive of Autosport, covering that wide cross section of motorsport. But instead of trying to give out news, bringing itself directly into competition with websites that are updated hourly, it focuses mainly on the opinion of high profile motorsport personalities.

Currently there roster includes Gordon Kirby, Rob Widdows, Patrick Head, and of course Nigel Roebuck; All of which have an uncanny way of seeing through the press releases, or explaining the true goings on in the background of various scenarios. Obviously opinion, is no good without supporting facts, and often leads to nostalgic tales from interviews with great historic figures such as Stirling Moss.

So, let’s have a run down.

If you’re well off, get the Satellite TV, Eurosport, MotorsTV, Sky Sports News should all keep you up to date.

If you don’t have internet and need to know everything about racing, get Autosport, it’s your bible.

If your casual you don’t really care about racing, you love the crashes, the DRS, KERs and you hate Alonso and glossy pictures, then F1Racing is your monthly one off buy.

If [like me] your totally hooked on racing, you read news websites and share opinion all day but you’ve got a few spare pounds at the end of a long month at work. Grab Motorsport, you might just learn something new.