The Silverstone Trio

The Old Afro

As the unnoticed figure turned away from the Lotus Renault GP truck, I track his movements and push through the crowd. Against the flow of movement, people are moving towards the revving F1 engine, I continue into the current chasing this ignored man. He’s behind the barrier; at the lucky side with freedom to roam, but he’s heading for the corner barrier to escape past a burly security bloke I quizzed earlier. The waves of people are holding me back but a fan asks for an autograph as my target edges closer to the crowd. In this moment people begin to notice him, not quite understanding why this request was made of a man in denim and converse. He’s past the security guard and I’m upon him, matching his stride pace for pace.

“Romain, Hello..”
“Hi there..” After a brief introduction he knows I’m not press and he lets me join him on his journey to the paddock.
“Ricciardo is here today, but is racing with HRT. What’s the best way to get into a top F1 team these days? Through your route of a third driver role, or his route of being on the track with a smaller team?”
“If I knew that it would be too easy.”

Serve and return, he bats my question aside with seeming ease, but undeterred I try again;
“These 3.5s have a lot of power…” I’d read this, more power even than Romain’s GP2 series car, from the credible MotorSport Magazine, “..would you like to have a go? Maybe show these guys how it’s really done?”
I see the beginning of a smile, maybe even a hint of light hearted laughter as he replies;
“No, I’m quite happy in GP2 and F1.”

With these deft answers I call it a day, wish him luck in Spa and leave him to pound along at a pace that honestly has me out of breath now entering the paddock. Our brief chat has covered nearly 500 yards. I tweet his replies as to remember them and begin to ponder his answers as I stroll through the paddock, open to all.

Romain showed true calm in a surprise situation, the sign of a seasoned pro and intelligent young man suddenly I have respect for him, he’s obviously handled far greater challenges than myself in ‘chat’ mode and I feel I did get some crumbs of knowledge out of the two lines I put to him.

Maybe I’m paying too much attention to the wording, but Grosjean left me with the impression that Formula Renault lacks credibility within the hierarchy of F1 when compared with GP2; which is odd given the amount of power and downforce the series spec chassis and engine combination provides.

What I do know is that GP2 shadows F1 around the world, often sharing the same pit and paddock all year long. Therefore Romain’s racing is in direct view of every F1 team boss first hand, not via a TV feed or recommendation. This combined with the odd demo and test day would be enough to stick in the mind of a team boss on the lookout for a new driver.

So on this same basis, Ricciardo has done well in Formula Renault 3.5, but has always been in a different country, therefore running him in a HRT is not only a test of his racecraft but puts him in direct view of Christian Horner and other teams.

The Magic of Twitter

Off the back of my musings with Romain’s comments I continue my stroll into the paddock and browse twitter to see if anyone of note has an interest in the weekend.

@PeterDWindsor: Amazing Atmosphere at WSR Silverstone. Posted 20 minutes ago.

I cheekily reply in hope that the great man may wave whilst on the big screen but I’m interrupted by noise from a nearby tented garage. The noise isn’t excessive but noticeable, like a party beginning to get into its stride. As it turns out its a few old friends; after having caught up bidding a fond farewell again, until next time. The man leaving is slim and lean, with a weighty looking sports bag in one hand he bounds down between the two cars now in parts flanking him.

His face is that of pure joy, his mind still reliving memories just discussed, but a man who is enjoying where he is and what he is doing, like a school boy fresh from the summer break eager to catch up with friends and tell tales, bright eyed and bushy tailed, with a brand new blazer. A SpeedTV jacket to be precise.

After a brief double take and rub of my eyes, I’ve found my second catch of the day, I clear my throat and lock eyes, thrusting my arm forward for a handshake before I’ve even begun a conversation.
“Peter? Peter Windsor?! Wow, Sorry, Hi…”

With a look of alarm Peter knew he wasn’t going to dodge me as Romain had managed, but as I introduced myself, he relaxed and his charming, enlightening and engaging conversation engulfed the next 5 minutes as the highlight of my weekend. We discussed the upcoming programmes (available worldwide), the action happening round us, the hot shoes tipped for future stardom and the growing credibility Formula Renault 3.5 is gaining as a cost-effective, alternative route to F1 for young chargers!

I’m sure Peter made little hints at wanting to get on with his job, and I’m pretty sure i missed them all and held him up far too long (And if you read this Peter, I’m very sorry) but meeting such an open free-talking expert made my birthday trip to Silverstone well worthwhile.

Foot in Mouth over Hill.

Formula Renault 2.0 UK book ended the days and a portion of fans hadn’t arrived or had gone home early and therefore missed some great races and character building charges. Of note I was watching Oliver Rowland who is attached to McLaren but a certain helmet caught my eye as it flashed past. Hill, car 3. Very apt for the third generation of the Hill family, young Josh.

My talk with Josh was brief, I began by asking how his year had gone, Silverstone is third from last on the calendar and Josh seemed downbeat about the rest of the year. He was mature enough to itemise his weaknesses from the year and expressed that an improvement in qualifying was needed for next year along with general building of experience.

I was impressed with his maturity still further as I watched his races on Sunday. Unfortunately Josh had a string of bad luck, being pushed to the rear of the field on lap 1 of both races, but he had the grit and tenacity to pull back over 15 seconds (from my rough calculations with a wristwatch) to climb back up the grid and circulate the 6th fastest lap time.

If he can improve his qualifying and stay out of trouble on lap 1, Josh would be Top 5 material very quickly and with experience podiums would be more and more likely, definitely my one to watch from the weekend.

Unfortunately I end on a bit of a balls up. I was trying to convey to Josh that with Lewis and Button around doing so well, along with competition from fellow Brits doing well in the lower formula, he needn’t feel the pressure to graduate to F1 and emulate his forefathers success.

On a weekend that wasn’t going well, I really should have left that subject alone, and yet again in the aftermath of excitement should you bother to glance at this one day, Josh, I’m sorry, I do hope your silence was out of bemusement with my line of questioning and not me affecting your mindset.