Battle of the Loti

Alright thats it, I know this could go on for months but I’m going to save both teams the legal fee’s and court dates, and in the process I’m going to ruin what will be early 2011’s big F1 sideshow.

Lotus was once a team who ran a few cars, won a few races and generally became beloved by all F1 fans much like if only for different reason Minardi.

Each have their own history, their own legion of fans who look back thinking, ‘oh they were the days…’

Lotus fans from back in the day seem to be up in arms, and rightly so, never mess with people’s memories, good or bad, ‘Star Trek’ has taught us that much.

So it’s not Chapman’s Lotus. Never will be. Neither of them. Case closed, Your Honour.

Now I’m one of those Minardi fans. I remember watching Webber and Alonso in early 2000’s thinking, ‘Oh these look just as bad as last year’s boys, but hey ho…’ But given the opportunity, the money, the facilities, would I set up the new Minardi team, even if Toro Rosso dropped out? Heck no. And the Loti are showing why.

The PR connected to both teams is unreal. Black Lotus-Renault is a bit of a fraud, a johnny-come-lately. Turn up sponsor an established team, ask them to paint the car a different colour and pretend to be a Legend. Putting Ralf in Micheals helmet wouldn’t work, and pretending to have a new Stig when its obviously the same guy as before isn’t fooling anyone either.

Then theres another option, Green-Lotus-Renault, start from scratch, set up in the original location, hire back a few of the old team, throw in some fresh faces and maybe use a similar paint scheme. Have a rich owner, a shrewd businessman and a technical genius run the place on £1.50 for a year. But don’t go out buy the old name, piss off a corporate ex-partner and cause the biggest court case of the year to bleed your already limited budget dry.

So the Loti are out to cause a fuss over nothing, when at the end of the day neither have the last name Chapman.

Which then brings us round to the other teams with the same name. Red Bull, and Toro Rosso.

I hear the cries of “Oh it’s different” and fooey to that. Red Bull and Red Bull are only distinguishable by their lap times, and I fear Lotus and Lotus will enter the same scenario.

So, to summarise, like Schumacher and Schumacher before them, one will be ahead of the other at the end of the day, but neither will ever be Senna.